Heaven and hell, you choose
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 hate me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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hate me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Empty
PostSubject: hate me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   hate me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EmptyWed Oct 21, 2009 2:15 pm

Hate me for all that i am
Hate for for all that i can be
Hate me for what i know is right
Hate me for not putting up a fight

Hate me because of what i wear
Hate me because why should i care
Hate me because of how i act
Hate me because i treat everyone with respect

I am what i am that is all i choose to be
I love for you you are not by what i see
I care about everyone even my enemies
I know my place that is where i choose to stay

you called me names, you made me cry
you made me wish that i could die
your taunts were pains i'll never tell
i hope you burn and die in hell
maybe that was a bit too strong
i could never hold a grudge that long
but my amity is lost towards you
of this, at least, i know is true
i'll never try to be your friend
and if you try i'll put an end
to all your folly and all your pride
so you, in truth, should step aside
'cause you dont know me but i know you
there are many out there just like you
you're nothing but another clone
society-altered but God-sown
so in you i know there's some good
though you've not as much as you should
but still i thank you for your hate
after all, it was a part of fate
from hate a fiery passion was born
and now your taunts go on forlorn
for already i am on fire
so great a blaze not to admire
so bright a light not to hide away
so strong a will not to obey
so torrid a flame not to retreat
so abundant a fuel not to depleat
so feed the fire, watch it grow
force the urge back down below
with a bucket drain a moat
send the curses down your throat
learn a lesson, heed it well
take pride in that you'll never tell



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hate me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Empty
PostSubject: Re: hate me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   hate me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EmptyWed Oct 28, 2009 7:42 am

O.o I don't hate you...why would I or anyone else...?
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hate me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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